Supermicro has the most flexible line of rackmount servers, ranging in size from 1U to 5U and featuring a proven, high level of reliability and performance. We carry all generations of Supermicro Servers that provides support for the latest technologies in CPU, GPU, Storage, Networking and Memory, while leveraging industry-leading performance-per-watt savings.


TYAN designs enhancements specifically developed for enterprise computer room and data center environments. These highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.


GIGABYTE provides a range of high availability, reliable rackmount server systems designed for general computing, storage, networking, and performance / overclockable barebones.


ASRock’s design concepts, “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness” serves the market with user friendly and eco friendly Do It Yourself Server hardware, featuring flexible and reliable designs.


Your source for ASUS Server Workstations including popular models like EPYC, Xeon Scalable, and Embedded Solutions.


Data center products designed for outstanding performance and reliability that will address their unique needs. With Intel Server Systems and Intel Server Chassis, you can count on trusted performance, quality, and reliability to help solve the most complex business challenges.


Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global datacenter solution provider. We combine the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders to solve next-generation datacenter design and operation challenges. QCT serves cloud service providers, telecoms and enterprises running public, hybrid and private clouds.

We are constantly adding avaibility of next generation barebones for purchase. If you do not see the brand or model that you are in need of, please contact us as we have a large distribution channel.